Remove Google Auto Suggest

How to Remove Google Auto Suggest Completely?

When you type something on the google search bar or the URL bar of chrome, do you see suggestions of the previous searches and websites popping below? Well, of course, you have because today it is so automatic that you don’t have to type a single letter.
However, if this is irritating or still freaks you out, you can actually remove google auto suggest from your browser.

The reason why google actually does this is to impress you and make your work lesser. All the auto-suggestions you get are based on the following:

  • Your browsing history
  • Current searches being made by the majority
  • Anything that you’ve been looking at on your social media feed or YouTube

With the help of artificial intelligence, all search engines and browsers are able to store every move you make on the web. However, if its actions make you feel that it is disturbing your privacy, you can delete google auto suggest for good.

It is not wrong if you see this as a threat to your privacy. This is because search engines clearly are tracking every move you make on the internet. Thus, not only can you remove google related suggest, but also secure your privacy from the search engine with some professional help.

Here’s what search engines, browsers and websites know about you through your browsing history and behaviour:

  • Your personal likes, dislikes and interests
  • Your current needs and preferences
  • The IP address of the machine you’re browsing from
  • The device you’re browsing from – desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Your personal details like name, permanent address, current address, photo, age, occupation, phone number and email ID

Only when it knows all of this about you, it is able to provide you with the exact information you’re looking for before you make your input. Scary, isn’t it?

Delete Google Auto Suggest from Your Browser

Whether you use Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you can delete google related suggest from any browser. However, merely changing browser settings won’t help you seal your privacy completely.

For doing so, we ensure to remove google related suggest from your ID so that your identity remains safe no matter where you surf the internet from.

Our team of technical and legal consultants take care of two things – to delete google auto suggest from your ID & browser and to protect your identity from all search engines and websites on the internet.

Not only Google, but even social media sites, e-commerce sites and other websites that use artificial intelligence to track their users will not be able to find you. Web browsers, search engines and websites can all track your activities on the web and even the machine you use them from.

Our service providers will perform their level best to ensure that your identity remains safe and private.

Thus, if you wish to remove google auto suggest completely, along with ensuring complete privacy, all you have to do is contact us.