Delete Google Review

How to Delete a Google Review of You?

Did someone just give you a very bad review on google? Or do you suspect it’s a spam? In either situation, it is possible to delete a google review. You won’t get an instant button to do so, but the procedure exists to save your online reputation.

For any business or professional who is listed on Google my Business, it is possible to receive reviews on it. Following are the types of reviews you may receive:

  • Star ratings without any written reviews – positive or negative.
  • Positive reviews and ratings from happy customers.
  • Negative reviews and ratings from unsatisfied customers.
  • Fake reviews from spam accounts.

While you would love to keep a positive review and rating to yourself, every negative review and rating leads to deterioration of your online reputation. thus, there is a way to remove a negative google review for good.

There are 3 different cases for which you need to remove reviews from google business listing:

  • Receiving genuine negative reviews
  • Receiving negative reviews from a personal account out of personal grudges
  • Getting spammed by fake reviews

Case 1: How to Delete Negative Google Review that is Genuine?

This is the toughest part that we’re starting with. When a customer is genuinely upset with you, you cannot just get the review deleted. Even though we are here to help you, as a brand it is beneficial for you to tackle your customers first and resolve their problems.

Now, once you have resolved your customer’s problem and satisfied him or her, it’s time to work on your review. Now if the customer is not willing to change or update the review, we are here to help you improve your online reputation.

Our team of lawyers will ensure that you are able to resolve your issue peacefully and take care of your reputation online as well as with your individual customers who have been dissatisfied.

Case 2: How to Delete Google Review Based Out of a Personal Grudge?

If your review is based on a personal grudge, forget about solving it from the side of the reviewer. However, since the account is verified and genuine, you won’t be able to remove the review by yourself. These are situations we handle tactfully on your behalf to save your online reputation.

Case 3: How to Remove a Fake Google Review?

Spams are a genuine problem we face and Google realizes that our security and privacy are important. In order to remove a fake Google review, our team of lawyers is there to sue spammers. We settle the matter online and also help you provide security against spams and hackers.

When it comes to your online reputation, you can easily delete a negative google review using your marketing tactics and professional help. It is even simpler to remove a fake Google review as it is considered illegal and a concern of privacy & security.

Thus, you can remove reviews from google business listing when they harm your reputation or security in any way.