Remove Negative Links From Google

How to Remove Negative Links from Google?

In the era of spreading fake and spicy content on the internet, have you seen anything negative or false being spread about you too? If yes, then you need to know how to remove negative links from google. This might take you some time, but is the only way to save your reputation.
Usually, negative information exists in the form of social media rumours, negative reviews on blogs or google, negative reviews on your own site, or negative news about you on a news or PR site.

When your social media account is public or allows others to tag you in their posts and tweets, you become vulnerable to receiving negative links in the form of reviews and posts that can damage your reputation.

As a brand, you are more prone to receiving negative reviews, articles and news from various websites and individuals.

When it is your own website, you can easily remove negative information from google by simply disapproving its visibility from your admin. For other websites, you might need to make an extra effort to remove negative search results from google.

For all the above cases, here’s how you deal with them:

Case 1: Delete Negative Links of Social Media Rumours or Reviews

To an extent, you can remove your tags from social media posts that can damage your reputation or are simply inappropriate. However, when you receive negative reviews or posts on your business page, you may need external help to deal with it.

Social media has plenty of fake accounts who can make spammy posts or give bad reviews on your business page. Moreover, you even get genuine accounts posting bad reviews on business accounts.

Our consultants will guide you to deal with each of these to either hide or completely remove bad reviews from your page. This way, you get to remove negative content from google search completely.

Case 2: Remove Negative Articles from Google

This case deals with receiving bad review articles and negative news articles from other websites. These sites belong to bloggers and PR agencies respectively.

To deal with professionals, you’ll need professional help. Requesting the writer or publisher by yourself is not an easy way to remove negative articles from google.

Whether the information provided in these links is true or false, you can trust our consultants and lawyers to remove the negative content from google search.

This may even be done by removing the link from the first position and bringing them down to remove the negative search results from google. This may not delete negative links completely, but can add several positive links and reviews that can take over the search results page.

However, in most cases our lawyers have successfully been able remove the negative content from google search permanently. This implies a foolproof solution of changing the content in the link or removing the link completely from the web.

So, the bottom line is that when you wish to take care of your online reputation, you just need to contact us to remove negative links from google.